Saturday, October 8, 2011

Under Cover Work

Okay, so I'm yawning. So I'm on my second or third diet coke of the day. So what? We are so close to having a Darkride cover, I can almost taste it! Almost two weeks ago,  photographer Rhonda Kist spent an evening in the cemetery taking some beautiful shots of model Sage Rory Magee in the role of Cicely. (If you'd like to see the pictures and read more about the shoot, take a look at the Behind the Book page!) I was thrilled with the results, and my partner Marcy and I have been staying up late nights to work on the cover ever since. (In fact, we haven't even taken the time to watch the Vampire Diaries episode we recorded on Thursday, which is saying a lot!) We've been trying different pictures as the cover image and doing what we call "font feng shui," which involves downloading a million beautiful fonts and looking at the title in every single one of them, then subtly shifting the cover elements a millimeter in this direction or then a millimeter in that direction, trying to strike a balance. Obsessive? Yes. But we all know that we do judge a book by its cover and I really want this one to reflect the story inside. I feel grateful for the fact that I get to be part of the cover design fun; writers don't usually get much if any input into their cover images, but because I'm releasing Darkride independently rather than going through a publisher, I can have a hand in every part of the process. I'm a person who loves a DIY project and this one has been a huge learning experience for me. (Did you know that there is a Buffy the Vampire Slayer inspired font called "Buffied"? Or that you can download the font "Fangtasia", inspired by the logo of the vampire bar in Trueblood?)  Just a few more late nights and I'm sure we'll have it just as we want it. Can't wait to show you the results!