Sunday, December 30, 2012

Happy New Year from The Nightlife!

As 2012 ends, our friends at The Nightlife, Minnesota's only vampire blood bar, want to wish you a happy New Year! Who will you be biting at midnight?

Friday, December 21, 2012

Look! CROSSFIRE has a book trailer!

I'm all psyched today because it's the Winter Solstice! You better bet the enluzantes will be celebrating the longest night of the year. I'm celebrating, too, because I sent Crossfire to my editor yesterday and we are on track for a January release. Yay! In the mean time, if you haven't read the first book, Darkride, buy it here!

I'm also beyond happy that over 700 people have already signed up to attend the Boston Author Event on March 16th. They've expanded the venue to include even more amazing authors and I am just thrilled to be part of it!

So... in honor of all that good news, I want to share the book trailer for Crossfire with you! I'm so happy with how it turned out and I hope you like it, too. Just a few more weeks until the book comes out. Thanks as always for all your sweet support!

Thursday, December 6, 2012

BOSTON, Here We Come!

I am so psyched to say that I will be coming to Boston as part of the Boston Author Event on March 16th, 2013! This is a free, open to the public book signing where readers will have the opportunity to meet over twenty indie and trad published authors including Jessica Park, Tina Reber, Liz Reinhardt, Steph Campbell, Michele Scott and so many more! (Check out the list on the Boston Author Event page. You'll be blown away!) I've had the chance to get to know many of these authors online, and I'm excited to get to know them in person - and I am thrilled at the thought of getting to meet YOU, too! So sign up (resistration is free). Then get yourself to the Omni Parker House Hotel from 12-4 on March 16th!

Sunday, December 2, 2012

"Next Big Thing"

I was so pleased the other day when my friend J. Kathleen Cheney tagged me in the "Next Big Thing" meme. I met J. Kathleen a few years ago, when we were both winners of the Writers of the Future contest for science fiction and fantasy. The contest flew us out to California for a week of writing workshops and a gala awards ceremony, but the best part was getting to know the other winners. I can still remember J. Kathleen and I smiling at each other, bleary-eyed, as we finished the "write a short story in 24 hours" assignment. She's gone on to make a name for herself in scifi and fantasy and her work is truly worth checking out! If you would like to read her answers to the Next Big Thing interview, you can find them on her livejournal. And if you'd like to read mine, read on...

1) What is the working title of your next book? Right now I’m revising Crossfire.

2) Where did the idea for the book come from? Crossfire is the second book in my young adult paranormal romance series, The Darkride Chronicles. The idea for the first book, Darkride, came from stories that my partner Marcy and I made up about a vampire blood bar called the Nightlife, where the waitresses are the drinks. I combined that secret world with the stories of three teens: Ander, who used to be the favorite son of a great monster hunting family - until he was bitten by a werewolf; Luke, who is a vampire prince trying to regain his lost immortality; and Cicely, who is a smart, practical girl discovering that the paranormal world really exists.   The second book, Crossfire, continues their story were Darkride left off.

3) What genre does your book fall under? It is a young adult paranormal romance (with a lot of adventure and action thrown in!)

4) What actors would you have play your characters in the movie rendition? I would love Lily Collins to play Cicely. Avan Jogia would make a very handsome and brooding Luke. Alexander Ludwig, who plays Cato in the Hunger Games, would be my first choice to play Ander, and Antonia Thomas is my ideal Emmie.

5) Give a one sentence description of your book. “Cicely Watson recovers from her own death and tries to win the love of her life while escaping the powerful forces that are out to kill her all over again.”

6) Will the book be self published or represented by an agent? Crossfire will be self published. Indies are awesome.

7) How long did it take you to write the first draft of the manuscript? It took me about 6 months to write the first draft of Crossfire, and it is taking me about another six months to revise it.

8) What other books would you compare yours to within your genre? Well, most people compare it to Twilight, because both are love triangle that involves a werewolf and a vampire. I would say that people who love the Caster Chronicles by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl, Daniel Waters’ Generation Dead books, ghost hunting books like Anna Dressed in Blood  by Kendare Blake or werewolf books like Andrea Cremer’s Nightshade series would probably be into Crossfire.

9) Who or what inspired you to write this book? Since it’s the second book in the series, I was inspired first of all by a responsibility to the characters. I really love these guys and I left them in a tough place at the end of Darkride, so Crossfire was very much about trying to get these characters to a better place. I’m also inspired by my readers, who are super encouraging and were eager to read more, and by the setting of the book, the coast of Maine, where I grew up. I also felt like I really wanted to explore some bigger themes: How do we recover from tragedy without losing ourselves completely? How can we really connect with each other, even if it means opening ourselves to the possibility of being hurt? Can we trust ourselves to not do wrong? You know, light stuff like that.

10) What else about your book might pique the readers interest? At the end of this book you will know who winds up with whom (and the answer might not be what you’d expect!) Plus, you get to learn more about the witches, meet a vampire pirate, find out what made Five so bat-shit nuts and hear how Emmie describes her “type” (hint: It has to do with chocolate.) Plus a lot of other stuff I can’t talk about without spoiling anything! I hope you’ll read Crossfire and see!

Now I would like to pass the baton to four women who truly are the “next big thing.” Actually, in my opinion, they’re pretty big things already.

Liz Reinhardt is the author of the brilliant Brenna Blixen novels, along with some other awesome YA and new adult titles, including the YA paranormal Inherit and her latest collaboration with Steph Campbell, A Toast to the Good Times. She is also one of my favorite people ever.

Angie Stanton is the author of wonderful YA contemporary romances like Rock and a Hard Place, Snapshot, and Dreamchaser. Her books appeal to my love of all things theatre geek! This holiday season I'll be enjoying her new Christmas novella, Snowed Over. I also love her because she's a Wisconsin girl. Midwest authors unite!

Lani Wendt Young is my living proof that people can live on opposite sides of the earth and still be close friends. She's also the author of the awesome Telesa series, which blends fiery paranormal romance with the mythology of the Pacific islands. She also shares my obsession with Diet Coke.

Rachel Gold is the author of Being Emily, an empowering YA novel about a transgender teen that's sparking much needed conversations all over the literary landscape. She's also a college friend of mine, so I've been fortunate to cross paths with her many times over the years!

I can't wait to hear about the works-in-progress of these excellent authors! Check out their sites. They'll be posting their answers soon!




Tuesday, November 27, 2012


Yay! The day is finally here and I'm free to share the cover and blurb for book two of the Darkride Chronicles, Crossfire! The book is in final revisions and will be out sometime in early 2013. The cover was designed by Once Upon a Time Covers, and I couldn't love it more, but I'm dying to hear what you think! Team Ander, are you happy? Team Luke, can you forgive me for putting Ander on the cover of this
one? (I promise I'll make it up to you!) And do you remember way back, when readers helped me name the raven Grimm? Well, there he is! Leave me a comment with your thoughts!

And here's the back-cover blurb! But be aware *this blurb contains SPOILERS for Darkride* so if you haven't read the first book in the series, don't read this! But if you have read Darkride, read on!
            It’s hard to move on when someone you love dies – especially if that someone is you. But that’s exactly what Cicely Watson is trying to do: move on, away from the sunlit life she knew and into her life as a vampire. It’s the only way to protect her friends, and her only hope of being with the guy she loves. Now that Ander can control the wolf inside him, Cicely is determined they will finally be together – even if their natural instincts tell them to tear each other apart.  
            But when Ander meets a new girl with a power he can’t resist, Cicely fears she saved his life only to lose his love. And what about her own feelings for Luke Marianez, the handsome vampire prince? She always claimed dark, brooding Luke simply wasn’t her type, but can she still deny the fire between them now that she’s his kind? When the enemy captures someone she loves, Cicely is forced to choose. Can a heart that stopped beating start loving at last? Or will true love be caught in the crossfire?  

Friday, November 16, 2012

Attention Book Bloggers!

Book bloggers, would you like to be part of the cover reveal for Crossfire, the second book in the Darkride Chronicles? It's coming right up on Tuesday, Nov 27th, and I would love to have you join Simply sign up at AToMR Tours! I've been working on the blurb and I think Once Upon a Time Covers did a wonderful job on the cover, so I'm dying to hear what you think!

In other housekeeping news, this site can now be reached at as well as by typing in our old address, Either one will do. Same site, just a change in domain name to get ready for the second book.

Now, I'm going to go back to revisions. I'm hoping to hit the half-way point of the final draft today. Wish me luck!

Saturday, November 10, 2012

New Review and Giveaway!

I'm excited that Darkride is one of the many prizes in The Book Asylum's one month blogiversary giveaway! The Book Asylum is a new blog, and extremely supportive of indie authors. You should pop over there and enter for a chance to win a whole host of amazing titles - and while you're at it, check out their excellent review of Darkride!

Thursday, November 8, 2012

For the Crossfire Playlist

Just added this to the very end of the Crossfire playlist. It's one of my favorite songs at the moment and I've been listening to it a ton. Crossfire revisions are going slowly but surely and I am still very much hoping for a January release, if all the stars align. One star who is already in alignment is my copy editor Jennifer Meegan, who has committed to editing Crossfire. I'm thrilled, because Jennifer did an excellent job on Darkride. The cover and blurb for Crossfire are almost ready to share and I am beside myself excited for the cover reveal! Soon soon soon! Keep watching this space and the Darkride fan page on facebook! Not long now...

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!

The thralls of the Nightlife wish you a happy and safe Halloween. (Now don't do anything they wouldn't do! ;) And if you want to seize the night with them this Halloween, check out the blood bar map and the Nightlife name generator on this site and make yourself at home!
And how's this for a treat? In honor of the holiday, I'm announcing a NEW GIVEAWAY! I'd love to see a few more reviews of Darkride before Crossfire comes out, SO... If you post a new review of Darkride on Amazon or B&N any time between now and Thanksgiving, simply send me a link to your review and you will be entered in a drawing to win a signed paperback of Darkride, PLUS a 13 card online Tarot reading from me! I've been reading cards for over 20 years now and will be happy to help you catch a glimpse of your future. Reviews don't need to be long - just 20 words or more - and they don't need to be fancy, just from the heart. Send your link to laurarede (at), or message it to the Darkride page on facebook.  And watch the Darkride fb page, too, because I'll be doing sample three-card tarot readings on there soon, to give you a little taste!

Monday, October 8, 2012

Crossfire Update!

First of all, thanks to everyone who has asked when Crossfire, the sequel to Darkride, will be published. The fact that you're eager keeps me motivated! I've gotten a ton of work done lately, and I'm over 70k words into the second draft. That means I'll be starting revisions on the climax of the book this week (yay!) and I expect this draft will be done by the end of October. At that point, it goes to my critique group and my beta readers. Once I have their feedback, I'll write a third draft, which will go to my editor. I'm still hoping for a December 2012 or January 2013 release, but I'm not setting a date because there are so many variables (my editor's schedule, how long beta readers need to read it, etc.) and because I want to be extra, super duper sure that I make this book is as tight it can be. I love my readers and I love my characters, and I owe you my best work!

That said, things are in motion for the release. Stephanie Nelson at Once Upon a Time Covers, who did the Darkride cover, has created a fantastic Crossfire cover and I can't wait until I'm at liberty to share it! I've been working on the back cover blurb this weekend, and yesterday I commissioned a new 30 second mini trailer for Crossfire similar to the one we did for Darkride. (You know I'm a book trailer fanatic, so that has me psyched!) This week, I'll be revamping this blog to give Crossfire its own page with the "sneak peeks" we've posted so far, Crossfire character pics and all.

So what can you do while you're waiting to find out what happens to Ander, Cicely, Luke and Emmie? Well...
1) If you haven't read Darkride, now's your chance!
2)If you have, but you haven't reviewed it, I'd love it if you would post a quick review on Amazon or B&N. They can be as short as 20 words, but they help endlessly!
3) Check out the Pinterest page! There are tons of Crossfire clues there, including pics of new characters.
4) Follow Darkride on facebook. I post Crossfire updates and inspiration pictures there every day.
5) Blog! I'll be looking for book blogs to be part of the Crossfire cover reveal, and to review the book once it's out. If your blog wants in, write me at
6) Convert a friend! Reading Crossfire will be a hundred percent more fun if your friends know what you're talking about. Lend or gift them a copy of Darkride and get them up to speed!
7) Give yourself a huge THANK YOU from me! Darkriders are the best readers on the planet. I am constantly overwhelmed by your support!

And stay tuned. Things are picking up speed and I can't wait to share more soon!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

This is the ultimate blood bar song. Emmie insists that we add it to the Crossfire playlist right NOW!

Friday, September 21, 2012

Darkride Has a Trailer!

You know how I sometimes do things backwards? Well, I know that authors usually put the trailer out before the book, but I never really got a chance to have a trailer made before Darkride came out last December. I always wanted to, because I am kind of a book trailer addict, but it just wasn't in the cards. So, when an opportunity came along recently for me to have a little teaser-trailer made, I jumped at it! It's only about 30 seconds long, but I really love it. What do you think? If you like it, won't you please share it? Thank you!

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Adventures of Donor Girl!

So, in honor of the start of our Bloody September giveaway - and to try to do my part to help solve the national blood shortage and embrace my inner thrall - I donated blood yesterday, for the first time ever! I'll admit it: I was a little nervous because I wasn't sure what to expect. Even though I've never had a problem with seeing blood  (I inherited my ER doctor father's stomach of steel) I couldn't help worrying that I might pass out in the donor chair, which would be a little embarrassing for someone who spends all her time writing about vampires! I wanted to earn my thrall cred!

So, I was a tad shaky going in, but the folks at Memorial Blood Centers put me at ease right away. The receptionist gave me printed copies of any restriction on donating (for example, you can't donate if you are taking certain medications) to read through as I waited. Then my nurse, Kelsey, lead me back to a little private room where she tested my blood pressure, did a quick finger-prick on my middle finger, and put the blood sample in a cool little machine that tests your iron level (mine just barely squeaked in! Note to self: Eat more spinach!) Then she left me in privacy while I answered a bunch of questions on the computer about my health history, sexual history, and places I had traveled. Since none of my answers disqualified me from donating, I was good to go!

Next, Kelsey lead me to a room with several comfortable reclined chairs (like at a dentist's office) where other folks were donating. (Most of the people I saw donating were obviously regulars who had done this many times before, and they were casually chatting on their cell phones or reading newspapers as their blood was drawn.) She assessed my inner elbow and told me I had "great veins" (which I'm sure is a huge compliment at the Nightlife!) and swabbed a spot with iodine to prep it. Then she told me I could look away while she slipped the needle in. I expected that part to hurt, but actually I only felt a tiny pinch when the needle went in, and then I couldn't feel it at all. She covered the needle site, and kindly offered to cover the blood tubes and bag, too, if it would make me more comfortable, but I actually thought it was kind of cool to watch the blood going in. She showed me how to squeeze a rubber hand grip every 5 seconds or so to keep the blood flowing, then went to attend to other patients.

  Waiting for the blood collection to be complete was actually kind of Zen and relaxing, and it was over fairly quickly. Kelsey gave me pamphlets on blood types (I'm B- which is rare - only 2% of folks in the US have that blood type - so I felt kind of special) and told me not to skip any meals, to drink plenty of fluids, and not to do anything strenuous for a few hours. I retired to the lobby for a granola bar and a box of raisins feeling like I was, as Kelsey said,   "The perfect donor!"

I'd love to end the story there, but the truth is, I had another first yesterday: I fainted. After donating, I drove myself home with no problem and was feeling fine, but about a half-hour later, when the adrenaline rush of donating wore off, I broke out in a cold sweat and had to put my head between my knees. A little while later I felt better and stood up - but evidently I wasn't completely better because I actually did faint. Luckily my partner was there to catch me and soon after I was fine. (Just a little embarrassed. I felt like a Victorian lady who needed smelling salts - or, better yet, a thrall who needed Juice! I'm not sure I'd make it at the Nightlife...) I don't tell you this to discourage you from donating blood, but more as a cautionary tale: I didn't drink enough after I donated and didn't take it easy. The next time - and there will be a next time! - I'll take it slower and push the OJ.

All in all, donating only took an hour of my life, and it may have added years to someone else's. With the national blood supply the lowest it has been in 15 years, all eligible donors need to step up. Just think about how Cicely let Luke bite her to save his life, and know that you'll be providing the same kindness to someone else in real life. (Okay, probably not someone who has been attacked by a werewolf, but you get the idea.) Plus, if you donate in the month of September, you can enter the Bloody September giveaway for a chance to win amazing paranormal books! Win-Win! So what are you waiting for? Make your appointment already!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

BLOODY SEPTEMBER! A truly unique giveaway and a chance to help somebody out!

Attention all thralls!

Did you know that blood donations in the U.S. are down at least 10%? Well, I didn't know it either, until last night when I happened on the statistics online and started to think that it might be time for me to make a donation. After all, who cares more about a blood shortage than someone who writes about vampires? I spend a lot of my time thinking about thralls (the ultimate donors!)  but I had never actually gotten around to donating blood myself. In fact, I didn't actually get around to making the appointment last night, either.

Then, this morning, something cool happened.

I got a phone call from our local blood bank! They were just calling people at random to encourage them to donate - that's how bad the need has gotten! - but I took the timing as a sign. I made an appointment to give blood for the first time at 10 a.m.
Sept. 1. And you know what? I felt pretty good!

So good, in fact, that I started to think about ways to encourage other people to donate, too. What if we did a book giveaway for anyone willing to get in touch with their inner thrall? I contacted some of my very favorite paranormal authors and the response was off the chain! Nichole Chase offered copies of her YA paranormal Mortal Obligation (which I just read and loved!). Elizabeth Hunter, whose Elemental Mysteries series has been climbing the charts, declared it "Bloody September" and in minutes had a wordpress site set up for the giveaway. Killian McRae offered an ARC of her new paranormal romance Pure and Sinful and made us a widget so cute it's scary. In a matter of hours, we had lined up a dream giveaway with donations coming from as far away as Samoa (Lani Wendt Young's Telesa!) and as near to me as St. Paul (Tate Hallaway's Tall, Dark and Deadly and her new urban fantasy, Precinct 13!) And the momentum just keeps growing!

So here's where you come in: Check out the incredible lineup of authors on the Bloody September site. Then follow the Red Cross link on the site to find a blood donation center near you and set up a time to donate. Send a picture of you giving blood (to and you're entered for a chance to win!

But even more important than that, you'll know that your thrallish ways just might save a life. Chances are you'll never have to fight off a werewolf attack or rescue a friend from the undead, but you can still be a hero to someone in need. Just ask yourself, What would Emmie do? ;) And stay tuned for pictures of my own blood donor adventure come Sept 1!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

A Full Moon Clip From Crossfire

Hi, all! In honor of the full moon, I decided to share a passage I've been working on from CROSSFIRE. In this chapter, Ander's younger brother D.J. is about to experience his first full moon a a werewolf. Ander, Cicely and Naomi have him chained down, and they are waiting for the moon to rise. This is from Ander's point of view, and it is a work in progress. (If you would rather watch a video of me reading this, I just posted one on the Darkride facebook page :)

             Naomi nods thoughtfully. “Good. But I know it’s still hard to watch someone else transform. It’s a helpless feeling.”

           “Yeah,” I say, “I mean, I’m happy that I don’t wolf out like that any more, believe me, but it’s almost worse, worrying about somebody else. I almost wish it could be me, you know?”

            “Survivor guilt,” Cicely says. I had almost forgotten she was there, she has been so quiet. “You feel bad for being the one who isn’t suffering. You feel like it should be you, like you don’t deserve to be the one who escaped.”

            I know we aren’t just talking about D.J. any more, and I also know she’s right. Looking at D.J. chained to the wall brings me right back to the helplessness I felt as I watched Cicely die. I can’t save D.J. from turning, any more than I could save Cicely from getting vamped. The irony of it never ceases to amaze me: I more powerful than any human could dream of being, but I’m powerless over this. I’m Super Man, but I can’t save anyone. I’m finally in control of myself, but I can’t control anything else.

            Naomi reaches out a hand towards me, then quickly draws it back. I know she’s itching to touch me, to charm me, but she isn’t going to do it in front of Cicely.

            Instead, she lays her hand on D.J.’s shoulder, and I picture the energy flowing into him like honey. “Jonah used to read a lot,” she says.

It’s the first time she has talked about her lost love in a while. I don’t want to scare her away from the subject, so I try to sound casual. “Yeah? What did he read?”

“Everything. Research about wolves. Folk tales about lycanthropy. Poetry.”

“Poetry?” It’s hard for me to picture a werewolf sitting around reading poems.

Naomi smiles at the look on my face. “There can be answers in poetry, too, Ander, and we were looking for answers. Jonah loved poetry. But his real love was mythology. Did you know that, in the Norse myths, the cosmic wolf is destined to destroy the world?”

            “Sounds right,” I say. “I’ve felt like I was going to destroy the world a bunch of times.”

            “Why hasn’t he? Destroyed the world, I mean?” Cicely says. I’m not sure if she’s talking about me or the cosmic wolf.

            “Well,” Naomi’s hand moves to the silver plated chains that hold D.J.’s arm. “The gods keep him tied down. At first they tried to bind him with the world’s strongest chains, but he broke them.”

            I laugh nervously. “You consider this a pep talk, Naomi?”

            Cicely laughs, too.  Naomi gives me a look. “They found something better!” she says, “The dwarves told them they needed to weave a rope out of six impossible things.”

            “Yeah?” I say, “Like what?”

            Naomi’s brow furrows as she struggles to remember. “The root of a mountain, I think? The breath of a fish? Stuff like that.”

            I feel disappointed in spite of myself. For a second I had hoped there was some real answer hidden in the myth. “The breath of a fish doesn’t sound that strong,” I note.

            Cicely grins. “Strong smelling, maybe.”

             D.J. stirs and opens his eyes.

            “Well,” Naomi smiles kindly at him, “The point is, it worked. They wove the rope of impossible things, and even though it was as thin and soft as spider silk, it still held the wolf down and kept him from destroying the world.”

            “Six impossible things,” I say skeptically.

            “Before breakfast!” Cicely adds. We all look at her like she’s crazy. “You know? That line from Alice in Wonderland? The Queen says she tries to do six impossible things before breakfast.”

            Something about her words makes me think of Michael, shuffling around the kitchen after a long night at the bar, trying to make another batch of potion for me before I leave for school in the morning. Trying to hit on the six impossible things that would keep me from destroying the world that day.

            “And he’ll never break out?” D.J.’s voice is hoarse with pain. I didn’t think he had been listening. He’s scared, I can tell, no matter how hard he tries to hide it.

            “Well…” Naomi reaches out one cautious hand to stroke D.J.’s cheek. I see him relax little at her charming touch, but not that much. “The truth is, they didn’t believe it could hold forever. They believed the wolf would some day get free.”

            Cicely widens her eyes at Naomi to say why are you telling him this?

            “But the point,” Naomi says quickly, “is that, even if the wolf destroys the world some day, today is not the day.”

            Today is not the end of the world. Well, maybe not for all of us, but for D.J. it’s the end of the world as he has known it, the beginning of another life, and no matter how strong he thinks he is or how ready, it’s going to feel like that cosmic wolf has swallowed him whole. That much I know for sure.

            Cicely slips her hand into mine and gives it a little squeeze. She looks up at me and smiles her most reassuring smile. It makes me think of all the little things that bind us – the impossible things, the things that shouldn’t be. They may be soft as spider silk – soft as Cicely’s hand in mine – but they keep us from hurting each other, no matter how bad we want to. Tonight we will wrap D.J. in the strongest chains, but ultimately that’s not what will keep him from hurting someone. Cicely has told me about the night of the Fall Formal, when I chased her across the fields behind the school, how I caught her, but then hesitated for just a second when I looked into her eyes. And I let her go. I can’t remember that, of course, and I’m not sure what to make of it, but I know what Michael would say: It’s the little threads that connect is too each other – the little threads that connect us to our real selves - that keep us from destroying the world.

            And we’ve just gotta pray they hold.

Monday, July 30, 2012

An Indie Bookshelf Must-Read!

I admit it: I was pretty psyched when The Indie Bookshelf said they would do a review of Darkride. Although this blog is  relatively new, it has attracted a passionate following by doing spot-on reviews for indie books. And I got extra excited when reviewers Adriane and Deana told me that they would be doing a double review! So you can imagine that I was right over the moon when I read today's review, declaring Darkride a "must read" and calling it "a beautifully written story about love, loss, destiny, triumph, and sacrifice. Throw in a little stubbornness, loyalty, and family and you've got a fantastic read." Thank you to The Indie Bookshelf for making my day!

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Chasing the Sun

People keep asking me, will Crossfire have a happy ending? Will everything work out right? Well, I don't want to say too much, for fear of giving something away, but let me reassure you that I do believe in happy endings - or at least hopeful ones - and I think you'll find that all the relationship questions are answered at the end of this book. And I will say that, if Crossfire were a movie, this would be the upbeat music that plays over the ending credits.

Friday, July 27, 2012

Bite Me, Maybe?

My cousin Jenna Tousignant is freakin' hysterical! She decided, as she put it, that  "Cissa, Ander, and Luke were missing out on the feel- good, fun hit of the summer, and I didn't want them to feel left out.  Besides, with all that they have been going through, I thought they could use a little light hearted fun." So she re-wrote the words to "Call Me, Maybe" to fit the Darkride gang. As you can imagine, I was on the floor laughing. Thank you, Jenna! Here are the awesome lyrics (and the original video, in case you are one of the two people who hasn't seen it. Just promise you'll picture Cicely washing the car :) And, for the record, I LOVE LOVE LOVE it when people write things, draw things, whatever for my characters. It totally makes my day. And my birthday is tomorrow. I'm just sayin.' :) 

Bite Me, Maybe

I threw a wish in the well
Don’t ask me I’ll never tell
I’m just a witch with a spell
And now you’re in my way.

You’d trade my soul for a curse
You want my corpse in a hearse
My love just makes you feel worse
But now you’re in my way.

Full moon, hair is growin
Pulse beats, fangs are showin
Hot night, eyes are glowin
Where you think you’re goin baby?

Hey, I just met you
And this is crazy
But here’s my jugular
So bite me maybe

And all the undead
Try to chase me
But here’s my jugular
So bite me maybe

You took your time with the call
I took no time with the fall
I thought you might have a thrall
But still you’re in my way.

I’d beg, borrow, and steal
To make your potion; I feel
It’s all a little surreal
But it’s in my way.

Full moon, hair is growin
Pulse beats, fangs are showin,
Hot night, eyes are glowin
Where you think you’re goin, baby?

Hey I just met you
And this is crazy
But here’s my jugular
So bite me maybe

And all the undead
Try to chase me
But here’s my jugular
So bite me maybe

Before you drained me of my life
Things were so drab
Things were so drab
Quiet, normal and drab

Before you drained me of my life
Things were so drab
And you should know that
Things were normal and drab.

Hey I just met you
And this is crazy
But here’s my jugular
So bite me maybe?

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

A Taste of CROSSFIRE...

Well, revisions on the second book of the Darkride Chronicles, Crossfire, are coming  along. I'm about eight chapters into the revisions now, and I hope to be able to pick up the pace as I get deeper into the book - and as my kids go back to school! Yesterday I got the chance to work on one of the chapters written from Emmie's point of view. Here's a little "taste."

       "Do it, I’m thinking, Do it! My blood hums like the wire of an electric fence when you wrap your hand around it on a dare. He leans in and runs the very tip of his fangs over the soft curve of my neck, not hard enough to break the skin, just hard enough to send little tremors skating through me. I moan low in my chest. I can feel him so close to the sweet spot I want to scream, want to squirm, but I force myself to stay still, frozen, like if I move he might run away. I give a little whimper. “Please.”
        That’s all he’s got to hear. His fangs pierce me so hard I cry out. My blood bubbles up like champagne when the cork is popped and with it comes the rush, the insane happy that goes with being bit."

Can't wait to share more with you soon!

Monday, July 9, 2012

More Than This

So, the Crossfire play list is getting more eclectic every minute: A few days ago we had Fiona Apple and now we have... One Direction? I know that's quite a leap, but I think this song perfectly expresses what it feels like to be on the "losing" side of a love triangle, so every time I hear it I think of... Wait, did you really think I was going to tell you who doesn't get the girl in Crossfire? Sorry, no chance! And the truth is, pretty much every character in Crossfire has at least a moment of this sort of jealousy and deep longing, because I think we've all been there, right? Besides, the boys in One Direction are adorable (and you have to love that "Carpe Noctem" sign in the background! Do you think that means they're Team Luke? ;) Well, I hope you all go out and Carpe that Noctem a whole bunch.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy Indie-pendence Day!

Independence Day! What better day to celebrate Indie/self-published authors and Indie artists of all stripes! I made this meme this morning, using a photo by Burg Tender (with Creative Commons permissions of course!) Feel free to use it as you see fit, and THANK YOU for all you do to support me and other Indie authors. Indie readers are made of awesome!

Monday, July 2, 2012

Giveaway and Sale!

This is just a friendly reminder that the Goodreads Giveaway ends July 4th! That means you only have one day left to enter to win one of three signed paperback copies of Darkride, so pop on over there and do it! These are some of the very first paperbacks with the new cover, and I'm psyched to send one to you!

I also want to remind you that Darkride is currently only .99 on both Amazon and B&N, which means this is a great time to pick up your copy - or, if you've already read it, a great time to share a copy with someone else. Gifting to a friend's e-reader is easy - all you need is her emil address, and the book is delivered instantly. I know there are plenty of folks out there stocking the Kindles they got for graduation or looking for a good read to pass the time on a summer trip, and I would love it if you'd share Darkride with them.

Also wanted to thank you again for all the interest in the second book in the Darkride Chronicles, Crossfire. The first draft of the book is done - yippee! - and I've started the first round of revisions. This book is turning out to be a real experience, let me tell you, very different in many ways from Darkride. Emotionally, it's almost more challenging for me than the first book was, and yet, at the same time, there's something at work on this book, you know? Like, there are strange synchronicities, answers showing up in dreams, weird little associations that are totally subconscious, that I don't even notice until after I've written them... I'm beginning to think that it's no coincidence that the witches play a bigger role in this one! ;) So, I'm taking those things as a good sign that the story is going the way it's meant to go, even when revisions are hard work, and I'm getting very excited about sharing Crossfire with you when the time comes!

Hope you all are having an unbelievably awesome start to your summer! Don't forget to seize the night!

Oh, and by the time you all read this it will probably be Tues. July 3 - Full Moon! Don't forget to lock down, my werewolf friends, and just to keep your morale high I'll leave you with this pic of your alpha wolf, Ander, sent to me by my friend author Tina Reber, via her new Darkride Pinterest board! Thanks, Tina!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

I Want Love To...

In Darkride, Emmie quotes Bob Marley, saying,"Everyone's going to hurt you, you've just got to find the ones worth suffering for." This Jack White song made me think of that. I'll admit,the sound of this song is a little more True Blood than it is Darkride, but you've just gotta love these lyrics: "I want love to walk right up and bite me, grab ahold of me and fight me..."

Sunday, June 24, 2012

A Bit of Crossfire

There's a  fun meme going around facebook: Authors are asked to go to either page 7 or page 77 of their work in progress, and go down seven lines. Then we are asked to share the next seven lines or sentences as is. I played along and, since my seven lines are from Crossfire, I decided to share them here, too.

         “What?” I smile. “Like a Disney movie? Little chipmunks and bunnies?”
            She laughs. “Something like that. But they don’t sing, and they mainly come if they need something, like they’re sick or hungry or hurting.”
            I know she has pegged me as one of those - an animal that’s hurting. Well, I’m not going to argue with her there, but my wounds are a lot worse than a broken wing, a lot deeper than a thorn in the paw. “And can you help them?”
            She looks up at me, gray eyes full of sorrow and longing. “I can if they let me.”

So, any guesses as to who is speaking? I can't wait until I'm at liberty to share more! Better get revising...

Thursday, June 14, 2012

French model Louis Prades looks a lot like Luke Marianez, don't you think? Or at least he does in this picture. The real Louis Prades is a bit older than this now - about 29, I think - and  while I'm sure he still looks incredible, part of me wishes that someone had vamped him at the age pictured here. There must be some good things about being frozen in time...

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Okay, I've said in he past that I wish Lily Collins could play Cicely, but yesterday I saw her in "Mirror, Mirror" and now I REALLY wish she could! She will make a lovely Clary Fray in the upcoming movie adaptation of Cassandra Clare's "Mortal Instruments" series, and I will be extremely jealous. :)

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Book Bite Knows Best!

Know what my sweet was today? This glowing review from Becky at Book Bite Reviews! Book Bite is an excellent blog, and Becky focuses on YA paranormal, so I'm thrilled that she enjoyed Darkride. Thank you to a blog worth following!

The other sweet this week has been watching the number of "likes" on the Darkride Facebook page rise! I love facebook and I'm on there all the time, so I'm very excited to have new facebook friends. If you like the page, I promise to keep you updated on giveaways, reviews, character pictures and updates on the second book in the Darkride Chronicles, Crossfire.

Speaking of which, that would have to be my third sweet for the day: Getting a chance to begin revisions on Crossfire his morning. I had been away from writing for a few days because my three kids just started their summer break, so it felt excellent to get back to Cicely, Luke, Ander and Emmie - and fun to touch base with the first chapter of the book, written a few months ago now. Revisions are a challenge, but I actually enjoy them even more than I enjoy the open-ended process of the first draft. It's fun to have something to work with and to know where the story is going!

So that's my sweet for right now. I hope you all are enjoying your sweet moments, too!

Monday, May 28, 2012

Bloggers often ask me to come up with a "dream cast" for Darkride, so I am always on the lookout for actors who could represent my characters. What would you think about Avan Jogia as Luke?

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Darkride Has A New Cover!

You know what Cicely would say: "People change" - and sometimes covers do, too! Which brings me to today's exciting news: Darkride has a new cover!

The image of Cicely on  the cover hasn't changed. It's the same picture that came out of the cover shoot we did with photographer  Rhonda Kist and cover-model Sage Aurora Magee. But now she stands in front of a background designed by Stephanie Nelson of Once Upon A Time Covers, the graveyard and the dark woods behind St. Agnes school in all their spooky goodness. The final cover gave me chills, and I hope you love it, too!

The new cover is available for both Nook and Kindle now.  Changing the paperback takes a little longer, but I expect that the new cover will be available in paperback sometime next week. Watch this blog and the Darkride facebook page for updates! And watch Darkride on Goodreads, too. I'll be doing a big giveaway there soon to celebrate the new cover!

Friday, May 11, 2012

This picture reminded me of Cicely - because of the violin, but also just because of the feeling of it - so I decided to pair it with a quote from one of the final chapters of Darkride. (photo by pareeerica)

Sunday, May 6, 2012

What's in a Name? Tips for Naming Characters

Shakespeare said, “A rose by any other name would smell as sweet” – but would a character by any other name still be the same person? Recently, I put out a call on the Darkride facebook page, asking readers to suggest a feminine, old fashioned name for a little girl character in Crossfire. Readers came through for me with dozens of suggestion, many sharing the names of their own aunts and grandmas and kids. It made me think about everything that goes into naming a character, so I came up with a list of things for writers to think about as we name the people in our stories:

Does the name fit the character’s personality?

Does the name fit the setting of the story? Is it appropriate to this particular time and place? To the culture the character was born in? You can find listings online of the most popular name for a certain year or place.

Will readers be able to pronounce it? Some readers are thrown out of a story if the names are too difficult to read. This can be a challenge in fantasy and scifi in particular. A hard to pronounce name may keep a reader from talking about your book with others, or even from bonding properly with a character.

Is the name too similar to other names in the story? Many readers suggested Emily as a name for my little girl character. I loved it, but it was too close to the name of my character Emmie! I try not to even have two characters whose names start with the same letter. I also double check that the name doesn’t rhyme or sound funny with other characters’ names. Having a serious scene between Pat and Matt could be a challenge!

Is the name too close to other well-known names in the genre? Bella is beautiful, for example, but too associated with Twilight. Readers suggested Caroline – another favorite name of mine – but because Caroline is a character on The Vampire Diaries, I crossed it off my list. I also check in with other writers I know before naming a major character, to make sure no one else has claimed that name for their hero or heroine, the same way I might check in with friends and family members before naming a new baby. Names aren’t copyrighted, of course, and with common names there’s bound to be some overlap between books, but writers are very attached to their characters’ names and I don’t want to step on my friends’ toes by taking a name they planned on using. I also don’t want any confusion for readers. If someone says she is Team Ander, I want it to be clear that she is talking about Darkride. Having too many characters with the same first name is like having too many Ellas in a kindergarten class.

Is it the name of someone I know? If it is, are the associations too strong? I need to be able to set that person aside and focus on the character.

What does the name mean? This one is very important to me. I have a shelf full of baby name books and I love to look up meanings. The right meaning can reinforce the theme of a book and reflect a character’s personality. A name with religious connotations – something like Grace, for example - might fit my new little girl character because several Darkride characters are named for Catholic saints and there are religious themes throughout the book. Readers also suggested a flower name like Poppy, Daisy or Lily, which made me think of the scene in Darkride when Cicely says that Ander finds cut flowers depressing. Rose, in particular, made me happy because there are several mentions of roses in Darkride – and in Romeo and Juliet, which plays a big role in the book. Having a name that echoes themes and symbols from other parts of the series makes the book feel more layered, even if I’m the only one who consciously makes the connection.

A few more random tips:

Keep a running list of names you like. Keep a notebook on hand to jot them down.

Collect baby name books. They’re easy to find at yard sales and thrift shops, and you can carry them with you and jot down notes in the margins.

Check out baby name sites, where you can search by culture, time period, meaning, etc.

Collect programs from concerts and performances. You should never borrow an entire first and last name combination exactly, of course, but you may find a great first name here, a great last name there. The program from my daughter’s middle school graduation has provided a lot of inspiration for names appropriate to YA!

Stick around for the credits. Movie credits are a goldmine of names. Pay special attention to the list of “set babies,” children born to the cast and crew during filming, to see what’s popular now. Also, many movie tech people use nicknames, which may get your imagination rolling! I always bring a notebook to the movies!

Pay attention to how other authors use names. Look up the meanings of the names in your favorite books. Pay attention to how the names make you feel. I think the Harry Potter books and the Buffy the Vampire Slayer series are great examples of original names used consciously. What are your favorites?

Play with names! Use a last name as a first name, use initials, change a spelling, give your character a nickname – and keep playing until it feels right. What’s in a name? Anything you want!

(Writers, do you have other tips on naming? I would love it if you would leave them in the comments!)

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Just A Reminder...

Can you feel it? Tonight the full moon - and not only that, it's the supermoon, the biggest and brightest full moon of the year. So I decided to make this reminder for Team Ander and all our werewolf pack. Lock down safe tonight and don't skimp on the Gatorade, friends. I'll come unlock you in the morning.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Meme Spirited :)

One of my most favoritest readers, the wonderful Fred LeBaron, made this and it completely made my day. Naturally, I had to share! Thank you, Fred!

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Once More With Feeling

photo by Flavia

You know what I love about writing paranormal? I love writing about people who are living through extraordinary circumstances - and feeling very ordinary emotions about them. Because our emotions are all the same. It doesn't matter if you are feeling left out because you are grounded when all your friends are going out, or if it's because you can't leave the house while the sun is out or you'll turn to ash. It doesn't matter if you're worried because you're boyfriend is having one drink too many, or if it's because the full moon is about to rise and he hasn't locked down. Left out is left out. Worried is worried. Have you heard of the great acting teacher Stanislavski? He said that anyone who had ever stalked a fly could play Othello plotting to kill Desdemona - because the emotions are the same, just on a bigger scale, like the same song played at a higher volume. I hope that when people read my paranormal stories they feel like they have been through something extraordinary. But I also hope they feel like they have experienced the characters very ordinary emotions, and I hope that they feel a lot like their own.

Lisa Joins Team Ander

My friend Collen Hoover told me about Lisa's Book Reviews, and I'm very glad she did. Lisa has an excellent blog and wrote a 4.5 star review of Darkride that really made my day. Thank you, Lisa, for the kind words! Check out the review, then be sure to follow Lisa and friend Lisa's Book Reviews on facebook to get the latest.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Vamps, Weres, and Cassay...Oh My!

I'm excited to have not one but two excerpts from Darkride featured today on the wonderful Vamps, Weres, and Cassay - along with a chance to win an e-copy of the book! If you know someone who would make a good Darkrider, won't you help me turn them by sharing this link? Thanks!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Little Known Facts

"Did you know James Dean was a vampire? Marilyn Monroe was, too - a vampire queen! - but the hunters took her out so she wouldn't vamp JFK. And that chick Madonna played in Evita? She and her honey were a bonded pair, and they ruled all of Mexico!" -history according to Emmie

Sunday, April 8, 2012

When Life Gives You Lemons...

No offense to all the adults who have reviewed Darkride - I really do love you dearly - but there's something cool about having your YA novel reviewed by an actual, you know, YA. That's why I was psyched to hear about the new book review blog, A Nerd and  Lemon, started by two twelve year old girls with a passion for YA books. I looked it up and loved it - and I'm happy to say that the feeling must have been mutual because they wrote Darkride a very kind review. Thank you, Nerd and Lemon, and best of luck with your blog!

Friday, April 6, 2012

A Warning...

Just a reminder! It is a full moon tonight, you know. Be careful out there, Darkriders!

Friday, March 30, 2012

Luke Has Good Taste

For those of you who are in love with Luke's horse, you must watch this video of stunning Friesians - although I will warn you, you're going to be envious of anyone who gets to ride one!

Source: via Laura on Pinterest

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Once Upon a Twilight Review

I'll admit it: I've had my fingers crossed for a while now, hoping that the fine folks at Once Upon a Twilight would give Darkride a good review. After all, OUaT is one of my favorite book blogs and they always seem to be on top of the next good book in YA paranormal. So when I saw Monica's four-star review, I did my little happy dance! My favorite lines? "I really loved this book with its fairy tale qualities mixed in with real life / fantasy. It was done beautifully and it still seemed fresh and new in this ever growing popular genre." Thank you, Monica and Once Upon a Twilight! I'm thrilled that you enjoyed Darkride!

Monday, March 26, 2012

The Ends Justifies The Memes

You guys know that I am obsessed with the awesome tumblr Ryan Gosling Reads Young Adult, and with the Ryan meme in general. Well, last night I decided to give in to temptation and make a couple of Ryan Goslings for Darkride. Happy Monday!

Sunday, March 25, 2012

One for Team Emmie

I've said it before: I think actress Antonia Thomas would make an ideal Emmie. I haven't actually watched Antonia on Misfits - I'm afraid if I hear her British accent it might ruin my fantasy of her speaking with a Southern one - but I loved watching her in this video for Coldplay's hit, Charlie Brown. Just check out that Emmie smile!

New Review on Mind Reading

My day started out sweet thanks to this four-and-a half cupcake review from the wonderful Satu at Mind Reading? book review blog. I am always so grateful for all the thought and effort book bloggers put into their reviews and I'm thrilled that folks are recommending Darkride to their readers and friends! Satu says "Seriously, you have to read this. Especially if you love love triangles, steamy moments and heartache, this is the book for you!" Thank you, Satu! So glad you enjoyed it!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

New Giveaway on Sizzling Reads!

I am excited to do a giveaway on one of my favorite blogs, Sizzling Reads! Hop over there to enter for a chance to win one of three ebook copies of Darkride, and while you're there, show some love to an excellent blog!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Love Triangles Guest Post on What's Your Story

The awesome blog What's Your Story Book Reviews is devoting the entire month of March to celebrating indie YA authors! Isn't that the coolest thing? Today my guest post on love triangles is up. Go check it out, and while you're there be sure to enter the giveaway to win an ebook of Darkride - and take some time to enjoy all the other guest posts, interviews and giveaways by fabulous indie authors!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Hi There, Book Bloggers!

Vampire queens live to make more vampires, I live to make more Darkride readers. But to do that, I need your help. I am actively seeking book bloggers interested in reviewing Darkride or in helping to promote the book through interviews, excerpts and giveaways. I feel extremely fortunate that so many great blogs have already given Darkride good reviews (See the "Reviews" page of this site for links) but I would still appreciate more opportunities to connect with new readers. I am happy to provide a free e-copy of the book in exchange for your honest review. Just drop me an email at laurarede(at) hotmail(dot)com. Thanks! 

Monday, March 19, 2012

My Mind is on Magic

The Witch of Neverland by BhumikaB.
Know what I'm enjoying about writing Crossfire? Discovering more about the witches! Today my mind is on charms and spells and how magic works in the Darkride world. It is also on how I can use my own personal magic to connect with new Darkride readers - because the fun of creating a story is in sharing it with other people. Thanks for being some of those people. I hope your day is magical!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Giveaway Ending Soon!

Just a reminder: The Darkride giveaway on Paranormal Book Fan ends in just three days! If you would like a chance to win one of three ebook copies of Darkride, pop on over there and enter - and while you're there, take a look around a truly excellent blog!

Friday, March 2, 2012

Hunting Party Heaven

In Darkride, eccentric millionaire vampire Brace Belden stages his annual "hunting party" - a canned hunt in which vampires chase down hired human prey - in the enormous Mall of America. In the real world, there may soon be an even better setting for a hunt - at least if designer Phil Pauley gets his way. According to this article, he's seeking investors to build a nine storey tall maze made entirely of glass! The structure would come complete with false staircases, winding halls, and a few (literal?) dead ends that might be enough to confuse even the superior senses of Brace's vampire guests. The building would also have a roof top cafe for those who make it that far, but I have a feeling the vampires might prefer to dine in the maze itself. So, what do you say, Mr. Belden? Maybe by next year...

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Giveaway Update and Sale!

Thanks to everyone who joined in our Goodreads giveaway! We had over one thousand people enter to win one of two signed paperback copies of Darkride. Goodreads has chosen the winners and I'll be sending those books out today - but if you didn't win this time, no worries. We'll have more giveaways in the future, so watch this site. And for the next week, the ebook of Darkride will be .99 on Amazon, just to make sure that everyone gets a chance to seize the night!

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Ms. Martin Reviews Darkride

"The story was filled with action, tension, difficult decisions, and touching romance. I was swept away by the story and the characters who were well-rounded, realistic people."
Many thanks to Kathy Martin of the wonderful blog Ms. Martin Teaches Media for this thoughtful review. I appreciate the kind words, especially coming from a school library/media specialist. Ms. Martin is now officially my favorite teacher!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Can I Sign That For You?

Some of you sweet folks have enquired about having your paperback copies of Darkride signed. I happen to have these lovely bookplate stickers that say "autographed by the author," and I would be more than happy to sign one and send it to you so you can place it inside your book. Simply put SIGN MY BOOK as the subject line when you email me at laurarede(at)hotmail(dot)com. Include your mailing address and any personalization you would like on your bookplate (if you would like a specific message, or if you need it made out to a specific person) and I will pop one in the mail for you. Note that I won't save your address or use it for anything else.Thanks for reading!

Monday, February 20, 2012

Cover Love!

Someone has been crushing on us and we didn't even know it! The lovely bloggers at Book Chick City posted this Cover Crush feature on Darkride last month, but I didn't see it until yesterday. What a great surprise! A belated thank you to our book chick friends. We love you, too!

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Interview on The Blair Book Project

I had a wonderful time doing this interview with the Blair Book Project! We talked about Luke vs. Ander, how I got to know my characters, and what surprises readers can expect from the second book, Crossfire. Go check it out, and while you're there you can read the kind review of Darkride they posted earlier this week and take a look around what has to be one of the most beautiful blogs I've seen!

Friday, February 17, 2012

Into the Graveyard

                                                                                            photo by echiner1

"Only Ander and I know about the doggie door... You can push the fence open just enough to slip through. That's how Ander and I have gotten in a million times before, to hang out after school or to wander around making grave rubbings in my notebook, or just to eat lunch quietly in the shadow of the angel." - Cicely

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Two Months!

Yesterday, of course, was Valentine's Day, but for me Feb 14th was sweet for another reason, too: It marked the two-month-aversary of publishing Darkride. And let me tell you, this has been a busy two months! I don't think I've ever learned so  much in such a short amount of time, or met so many amazing people. I'm thankful because I feel like the book is really starting to make contact and readers are starting to respond. Yesterday felt like a great example of that, with reviews on two excellent blogs. Today I'd like to share another review - and, I think, a particularly eloquent one - written by Fred LeBaron on his blog Still Seeking Allies... I'd also like to share a great interview on Paranormal Book Fan. Go take a look, particularly if you are curious about the second book, Crossfire, and about where the Darkride chronicles will go from here. And while you're there, feel free to enter the giveaway for a chance to win one of three ebook copies of Darkride!

Getting in contact with readers and bloggers like these has been one of the joys of the last few months. Thanks again to everyone who has come along on this ride. I appreciate all your support!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy V-Day! (and a giveaway!)

     V is for "valentine." It is also for "vampire." Coincidence? I think not!

I'm posting this picture because it reminds me of Luke and Cicely, and because it seemed fitting for this lovely, romantic holiday. I, personally, am having a great Valentine's Day because, instead of chocolate, I got something even sweeter: happy reviews! First, The Blair Book Project gave Darkride this kind review which had me smiling all morning. Then Paranormal Book Fan posted this five-star review that kept me smiling all afternoon! Thank you to both these excellent blogs. I'm thrilled that you liked the book and I am truly feeling the Valentine's love.

So, with all this love in the air, I think it's time to give a little! That's why I wanted to tell you about the giveaway I'm hosting on Goodreads. Simply go to the Darkride page on Goodreads and enter by March 1, 2012 for a chance to win one of two signed paperback copies of Darkride!

I know Valentine's Day can feel like sort of a canned holiday, dedicated to a superficial idea of love, but I hope you take today to remember the real truth about love: Love is powerful and subversive and transformative and miraculous, no matter what form it takes, and I hope you get a chance to celebrate that magic and to know that you are loved. Now go out and seize the night!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Darkride Is Out In Paperback!

For all of you who prefer real paper over e-readers, Darkride is now available in paperback! You can order a copy from Amazon or CreateSpace. Endless thanks to my partner Marcy for her hard work on the print edition!

Go Team Cicely!

"Cicely is a strong character. I kept waiting for her to become the emo teenager, but her spunk and intelligence continued to surprise me... Laura Bradley Rede took on a popular genre and managed to bring in a bit of originality.  With stories such as Twilight and The Vampire Diaries, this wasn’t an easy task. If you love the supernatural and you like a fun read, then you will enjoy Darkride.Thank you to Alexis at Word Vagabond for this excellent review!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Five Stars from Delphina Reads Too Much!

There is nothing more satisfying than having someone really think about and connect with something you've written. That's why I was so pleased to read this kind five star review on the excellent blog Delphina Reads Too Much. Thank you, Delphina, for taking the time to review Darkride! I'm glad you are looking forward to reading more about Luke, Ander and Cicely, because I am eager to share it with you!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Unvalentines to Die For!

I opened my email this morning and literally squealed out loud. My friend, artist Heidi Randen, made us these amazing unvalentines so we can celebrate (or not) the holiday in style! Feel free to download these and send them to your sweetheart (or your pack... or your bonded...) Love is a darkride. It's good to have company for the trip. :)