Sunday, June 24, 2012

A Bit of Crossfire

There's a  fun meme going around facebook: Authors are asked to go to either page 7 or page 77 of their work in progress, and go down seven lines. Then we are asked to share the next seven lines or sentences as is. I played along and, since my seven lines are from Crossfire, I decided to share them here, too.

         “What?” I smile. “Like a Disney movie? Little chipmunks and bunnies?”
            She laughs. “Something like that. But they don’t sing, and they mainly come if they need something, like they’re sick or hungry or hurting.”
            I know she has pegged me as one of those - an animal that’s hurting. Well, I’m not going to argue with her there, but my wounds are a lot worse than a broken wing, a lot deeper than a thorn in the paw. “And can you help them?”
            She looks up at me, gray eyes full of sorrow and longing. “I can if they let me.”

So, any guesses as to who is speaking? I can't wait until I'm at liberty to share more! Better get revising...


  1. Ok, I'm guessing it is Five. She doen't seem very empathetic in Darkride, but there's an implication that there's more to her, and we know she's capable of helping. So . . . that's my guess! Thanks, Laura. Even this snippet shows your style and ability to evoke real feeling!

  2. Thank you, Fred! And Five thanks you for believing in her ability to help. No one ever thinks she might be on Team Good Guy and she says it makes a welcome change! I'm off to revise this morning. Gotta make some progress... Hope you have an excellent Monday!