Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Book Bite Knows Best!

Know what my sweet was today? This glowing review from Becky at Book Bite Reviews! Book Bite is an excellent blog, and Becky focuses on YA paranormal, so I'm thrilled that she enjoyed Darkride. Thank you to a blog worth following!

The other sweet this week has been watching the number of "likes" on the Darkride Facebook page rise! I love facebook and I'm on there all the time, so I'm very excited to have new facebook friends. If you like the page, I promise to keep you updated on giveaways, reviews, character pictures and updates on the second book in the Darkride Chronicles, Crossfire.

Speaking of which, that would have to be my third sweet for the day: Getting a chance to begin revisions on Crossfire his morning. I had been away from writing for a few days because my three kids just started their summer break, so it felt excellent to get back to Cicely, Luke, Ander and Emmie - and fun to touch base with the first chapter of the book, written a few months ago now. Revisions are a challenge, but I actually enjoy them even more than I enjoy the open-ended process of the first draft. It's fun to have something to work with and to know where the story is going!

So that's my sweet for right now. I hope you all are enjoying your sweet moments, too!


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  2. You are very welcome! Glad you've been looking forward to it. Thanks for checking in!