Monday, July 2, 2012

Giveaway and Sale!

This is just a friendly reminder that the Goodreads Giveaway ends July 4th! That means you only have one day left to enter to win one of three signed paperback copies of Darkride, so pop on over there and do it! These are some of the very first paperbacks with the new cover, and I'm psyched to send one to you!

I also want to remind you that Darkride is currently only .99 on both Amazon and B&N, which means this is a great time to pick up your copy - or, if you've already read it, a great time to share a copy with someone else. Gifting to a friend's e-reader is easy - all you need is her emil address, and the book is delivered instantly. I know there are plenty of folks out there stocking the Kindles they got for graduation or looking for a good read to pass the time on a summer trip, and I would love it if you'd share Darkride with them.

Also wanted to thank you again for all the interest in the second book in the Darkride Chronicles, Crossfire. The first draft of the book is done - yippee! - and I've started the first round of revisions. This book is turning out to be a real experience, let me tell you, very different in many ways from Darkride. Emotionally, it's almost more challenging for me than the first book was, and yet, at the same time, there's something at work on this book, you know? Like, there are strange synchronicities, answers showing up in dreams, weird little associations that are totally subconscious, that I don't even notice until after I've written them... I'm beginning to think that it's no coincidence that the witches play a bigger role in this one! ;) So, I'm taking those things as a good sign that the story is going the way it's meant to go, even when revisions are hard work, and I'm getting very excited about sharing Crossfire with you when the time comes!

Hope you all are having an unbelievably awesome start to your summer! Don't forget to seize the night!

Oh, and by the time you all read this it will probably be Tues. July 3 - Full Moon! Don't forget to lock down, my werewolf friends, and just to keep your morale high I'll leave you with this pic of your alpha wolf, Ander, sent to me by my friend author Tina Reber, via her new Darkride Pinterest board! Thanks, Tina!

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