Monday, October 8, 2012

Crossfire Update!

First of all, thanks to everyone who has asked when Crossfire, the sequel to Darkride, will be published. The fact that you're eager keeps me motivated! I've gotten a ton of work done lately, and I'm over 70k words into the second draft. That means I'll be starting revisions on the climax of the book this week (yay!) and I expect this draft will be done by the end of October. At that point, it goes to my critique group and my beta readers. Once I have their feedback, I'll write a third draft, which will go to my editor. I'm still hoping for a December 2012 or January 2013 release, but I'm not setting a date because there are so many variables (my editor's schedule, how long beta readers need to read it, etc.) and because I want to be extra, super duper sure that I make this book is as tight it can be. I love my readers and I love my characters, and I owe you my best work!

That said, things are in motion for the release. Stephanie Nelson at Once Upon a Time Covers, who did the Darkride cover, has created a fantastic Crossfire cover and I can't wait until I'm at liberty to share it! I've been working on the back cover blurb this weekend, and yesterday I commissioned a new 30 second mini trailer for Crossfire similar to the one we did for Darkride. (You know I'm a book trailer fanatic, so that has me psyched!) This week, I'll be revamping this blog to give Crossfire its own page with the "sneak peeks" we've posted so far, Crossfire character pics and all.

So what can you do while you're waiting to find out what happens to Ander, Cicely, Luke and Emmie? Well...
1) If you haven't read Darkride, now's your chance!
2)If you have, but you haven't reviewed it, I'd love it if you would post a quick review on Amazon or B&N. They can be as short as 20 words, but they help endlessly!
3) Check out the Pinterest page! There are tons of Crossfire clues there, including pics of new characters.
4) Follow Darkride on facebook. I post Crossfire updates and inspiration pictures there every day.
5) Blog! I'll be looking for book blogs to be part of the Crossfire cover reveal, and to review the book once it's out. If your blog wants in, write me at
6) Convert a friend! Reading Crossfire will be a hundred percent more fun if your friends know what you're talking about. Lend or gift them a copy of Darkride and get them up to speed!
7) Give yourself a huge THANK YOU from me! Darkriders are the best readers on the planet. I am constantly overwhelmed by your support!

And stay tuned. Things are picking up speed and I can't wait to share more soon!

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