Monday, January 21, 2013

Blog Love!

I am feeling so thankful lately for the awesome book bloggers who have reviewed Darkride and Crossfire, and particularly for Kristi at Reading is My Time Out, who read both Darkride and Crossfire in a matter of days and posted such thoughtful reviews. Here is her review of Crossfire, which completely made my day! And I'm also feeling some mad love for Karese at Kindred Souls Book Blog for this five star review of Darkride. Not only is this a beautifully done review, I also loved the quotes she chose to highlight. Read them and see if they're the ones you would have chosen - and while you're at it, follow both these great blogs and check out their other reviews!

In other news, my partner Marcy has been working like crazy to get the paperback of Crossfire ready, and today we were able to send for a proof! Stephanie Nelson at Once Upon A Time Covers, who designed the ebook covers for both Darkride and Crossfire, designed the paperback cover and I think it looks great. I will try to post it here tomorrow, although Blogger has been acting up lately and not allowing us to post pictures (which makes me a very sad panda).  At the very least, I will post the paperback version of the cover on the facebook fan page and on the Darkride Chronicles pinterest board tomorrow. We hope to receive the proof by next week and, with any luck, be able  to approve it and have paperbacks available on Amazon soon! I'll keep you posted here and on facebook when the paperbacks are ready!

I've been so thrilled with the warm reception Crossfire has received. Thanks for all your help and enthusiasm!

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