Thursday, January 31, 2013

PLAYLIST for Crossfire

Playlist! Yay! Finally getting around to posting the songs that inspired me while I was writing Crossfire, so I hope you enjoy them! (Just be mindful that there are some *SPOILERS* in my descriptions, so you may want to read the book first!) Some of these songs correspond with specific scenes, but most are just songs I associate with characters and themes, so the order is general. I included the videos because some of them are cool. I'd love to hear what you think of my choices. Are there other songs you think belongs on this playlist? Let me know!

1) Shattered by Trading Yesterday - Picture Cicely at the beginning of the book, looking out the window of the van as the dark highway flashes past. The lyrics of this song are so perfect, it's like they were written for Cicely.

2) Werewolf by Fiona Apple- This is Cicely feeling at odds with Ander when they first arrive at Naomi's.

3) Rusty Cage by Soundgarden - This is a song I associate with Ander fighting the werewolf inside him. I can picture him blasting this on his iPod as he runs on the beach, trying to get out his aggression so the wolf won't take him.

More Than A Memory by Carly Rae Jepsen - Now, for a total change of pace, lol...I'm on a Carly Rae Jepsen kick lately, and this is another song I associate with Cicely's frustration with Ander at the beginning of the book, and especially with their fight about the cross necklace. "Are you gonna just stand in front of me, pretending I'm not your destiny?" Can this love be saved?

4) More Than This by One Direction- Continuing with the pop music... I put this on for Luke, watching Cicely with Ander and wishing she was with him instead. (And you've got to love the Carpe Noctem, "seize the night," sign in the background. What's more Luke than that?)

5) Watching You Watch Him by Eric Hutchinson - A cool reader sent me this video because it reminded her of Luke, watching Cicely through the crack in the kitchen door and hoping that Ander and Cicely will break up. I had never heard this song before,
and now I love it.

6) Love Interruption by Jack White - In Darkride, Emmie quotes Bob Marley, saying "Everyone's going to hurt you, you've just got to find the ones worth suffering for." This song made me think of that, so this is one for Luke and Emmie's first bite. "I want love to walk right up and bite me, grab ahold of me and fight me..."

7) A Little Taste by Skyler Stonestreet - Emmie insisted this make the playlist because it's the ultimate blood bar song. Also good for Luke and Emmie's first bite.

8) Dark Side by Kelly Clarkson. "Can you love me, even with my dark side?" What vampire hasn't wondered this? Especially if she suspects she might be doing terrible things...

9) Under My Skin by Frank Sinatra - Emmie sings this with the radio on the way to the Red Tide, and in many ways it's the theme song of this book.

10) Carry You Home by James Blunt -  This song came on the radio while I was writing Ander carrying Cicely across the field after they escape the fire, and it made me cry, right in the middle of the coffee shop. The video makes me cry all over again. Brilliant.

11) Home by Phillip Phillips - To me, this is Ander's goodbye to Naomi and his final scene with Cicely. "Hold on to me as you go," Naomi. And I love the idea that Ander and Cicely will make a home for themselves and for the rescued thralls the way Danny once made a home for Ander and Michael.

12) Chasing The Sun by The Wanted - If Crossfire were a movie, this would be the upbeat ending music that plays over the final party scene and the ending credits. The fact that there are vampires in the video just makes it that much better!

13)Stronger (What Doesn't Kill You) by Kelly Clarkson - How could I not include this song? You know what Five says: "What doesn't kill you makes you stronger, but what does makes you invincible!"

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