Thursday, May 9, 2013


Here's a little excerpt from Kissing Midnight, my new paranormal romance, due out Fall of 2013. This is a phone conversation between our heroine, Saintly, and Dev, the guy she's agreed to go out with for the first time.

           “Hey,” I say, “I was just wondering where we’re going tonight. You know, so I know what to wear.”
           “Well…” Dev draws the word out playfully, “I thought it would be a surprise.”
             I frown into the phone. “I’m actually not big on surprises. No offense.” Honestly, I’ve never been the most spontaneous person, but the last couple of years have made me cautious to the extreme, and after last night’s experience at the warehouse, I feel like I’ve had all the surprises I can handle.
            “Oh,” he says, “I think you’ll like this one.
            “Oh,” I say, “I’m sure I will, but, you know, I’m sort of more into schedules. Plans. Things that can be written on calendars.”
             He laughs. “Okay, fine. On your calendar, please write…” He thinks a moment. “Write the sky’s the limit.”
           “The sky’s the limit?”
           “That’s what I said. Now see you at eight.”
             Before I can stop him, he hangs up
             Super. Now what am I supposed to wear? Does “the sky’s the limit” mean something fancy? I seriously hope not, but, judging by Dev’s clothes and his car, he doesn’t lack for cash. I take my favorite dress out of the closet. It’s a standard-issue LBD, the one I bought to wear under my robes at high school graduation. It’s nice, but not exciting. And what if it isn’t stylish enough? I Google “Sky’s the Limit” to make sure it’s not the name of a nightclub where my little black dress might look hopelessly old school – or hopelessly high school – but no names of clubs come up. Ditto for band names and movie titles, and I can’t say I’m surprised: Bands and movies seem a little obvious for Deveraux Renard. A little… tame.
            A terrible thought comes to mind.
            I call Dev.
           “Hello, Saintly.” There’s a smile in his voice and a guitar solo wailing in the background. “I had a feeling you might call back. What’s up?”
           “We aren’t going sky diving, are we?"
             He bursts out laughing. “We aren’t what?”
           “Sky diving! You know, leaping out of planes? Or hang gliding? Or… kite sailing?”
           “What the hell is kite sailing?”
           “I don’t actually know. But we’re not doing it, are we?”
            He sighs dramatically. “If you don’t like flying, I’ll have to cancel the private jet.”
            I roll my eyes at the phone. “I’m not kidding. And it isn’t flying I dislike, it’s falling.”
          “Hmmm…” He lowers his voice. “But what if I told you, if you want to go out with me, you have to be willing to fall?”
           My heart does something syncopated. Does he mean fall in love? A little nervous thrill trips down my spine.
          But Dev is a player, I remind myself, and I’m not in a position to be played. Not with all I’ve been through.
           I take a deep breath. “I guess I would say that I prefer to keep both feet on the ground. I would say I want to go out with you, but not enough to risk life and limb.” Not enough to risk my heart.
          Dev’s voice is low and smooth, “What if I promise to make it worth the risk?”
          I lower mine to match. “Tell me what we’re doing tonight.”
         “It’s a secret.”
         “I told you, I hate secrets.”
          He chuckles darkly. “Then we’re not going to get along at all.”


  1. Yay!!!!!!! When? When? When?!!!!!!

  2. I love it!!! Can't wait for the book to come out. :)

  3. I can not wait to read all of your books...I wish I had the opportunity to read them now....

    1. Heather, that's so sweet of you! I want you to be able to read them, too. Let me know if you are having any trouble getting ahold of copies of the ones that are out already (Darkride, Crossfire and my short stories). Kissing Midnight will likely come out in December. Thanks for reading!