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So where do you go for a bite in your neck of the woods? There are vampire blood bars like the Nightlife all over America and beyond. Just click on a placemark to get Emmie's description of the bar. Is there a blood bar near you? Email me at and tell me all about it. If Emmie approves, we'll add it to the map! (Note: locations on this map are purposefully vague. Blood bars are secret, right? But if you're meant to find one, you will!)

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And now that you found your bar, FIND YOUR NIGHTLIFE NAME!

Imagine it's your first night of work at the Nightlife, Minnesota's only vampire blood bar, "where the waitresses are the drinks." As a thrall, you've been bitten before and you know that you like it, but you're still nervous - not so much about the vampires (you're pretty sure you can handle them) but about fitting in, learning the ropes. As soon as you arrive, you are handed over to the "thrall minder," a woman about your mom's age who used to be a thrall here years ago. Now she acts as sort of a manager crossed with a dorm mother to the thralls who work here, setting the schedules and sorting out the little fights and making sure everyone drinks their Juice. She explains the rules ("No bonding behavior! No catting! And absolutely no seeing customers outside of work!") and assigns you a locker. It's still full of someone else's clothes, but when you ask what happened to her, the thrall minder just shrugs. "Sometimes they don't come back."

Um, not exactly reassuring.

Which brings us to the subject of security. One way the Nightlife keeps employees safe is by giving them stage names to conceal their identities. The thrall minder tells you that it's time to choose yours. Every blood bar, she explains, has it's own naming tradition: Wild at Heart in N.H. names their thralls after animals, with names like Fawn, Kitty, and Vixen. Maxine's West in L.A. chooses names from old Hollywood, so vampire patrons can have the fun of biting Marilyn or Rock or Ginger. Bathory House in Boston embraces the Victorian language of flowers with names like Lily and Dahlia. "Here at the Nightlife," she says, "We use names that have to do with color. All of your costumes will be in the color you choose, so pick wisely!" Then she hands you the list.

Instructions for Girls: Simply look up the first letter of your first name. You'll find three names to choose from. Choose one, then go to the list of acceptable last names for girls and choose a last name that goes with your first name. Will you be Scarlet Darling or Violet Divine? Garnet Quarry or Buffy La Belle? You decide!

Instructions for Guys: Guy thralls are rare, so there aren't as many names to choose from. Simply head for the guy's list of first names and make your choice. You can just add a "mister" in front of the name to be a Mr. Gray or a Mr. Black, or you can combine the name with one of the guys' last names to be a Slate Danger or a Forest Hunt.

Girl's Names:

A) Ash, Amber, Amethyst
B) Blondie, Bianca, Burgundy
C) Chartreuse, Coral, Crimson
D) Damask, Auburn, Buffy
E) Ebony, Emerald, Azure
F) Fuchsia, Fawn, Cerulean
G) Goldie, Ginger, Garnet
H) Hazel, Henna, Heather
I) Indigo, Ivory, Inky
J) Jade, Jet, Cyan
K) Kelly, Carnelian, Mocha
L) Lavender, Lilac, Peridot
M) Magenta, Mahogany, Mauve
N) Cocoa, Pearl, Saffron
O) Olive, Obsidian, Onyx
P) Peach, Pink, Poppy
Q) Cherry, Copper, Sable
R) Rose, Ruby, Raven
S) Scarlet, Sapphire, Sienna
T) Turquoise, Topaz, Tourmaline
U) Umber, Sorrel, Silver
V) Violet, Veridian, Vermilion
W) Sky, Blanche, Porcelain
X) (use "A" list)
Y) (use "G" list)
Z) (use "S" list)

Last Names for Girls:
Night, Sweet, LaBelle, Divine, Fox, Darling, Jewel, Starr, Heart, Dark, Quarry

Guys' Names: Ash, Brindle, Forest, Gray, Loden, Slate, Black, Russet, Roan, Rusty

Last Names for Guys: LaBrawn, Danger, Smooth, Hunt

Found your name? Send it to me at and we'll add you to the employee roster!

Greetings From The Nightlife!

The Nightlife exists to keep its customers happy, and part of that is keeping in touch. Here are a few of the holiday greetings Minnesota's only blood bar sent out in 2012